Currently on, July 31st of 2017, there are 1,505 single family houses on the market for sale in Sedgwick County. The median price is $199,000 with a median days on market of 48 days. In the last 30 days, we saw 520 homes sale with a median price of $154,200 and a median days on the market of 11 days. Of the properties that sold, sold for over 98% of the listing price. We have less than three months left of inventory in Sedgwick County.

These numbers should tell you something. First, the most important time of listing a house is in the first two weeks. Notice, of the properties that sold, the majority sold in the first two weeks. If you are thinking of selling, the main thing you need to know is, the properties that sell the quickest aren’t just priced competitively but show the best, clean, fresh paint, organized, and neat, etc… It is important to make a good impression, both when the prospective buyers pull up to the house and when they enter through the front door. The odds are strong that if you prepare the home well, you will sell it within the first few days. If it takes longer, than you need to consider a price adjustment or the staging.

For you buyers out there, it is the first time in a long time that it is a struggle to find a home. You have to be willing to compete with other buyers more aggressively than in the recent past. You can still ask for closing costs and repairs, especially, obvious repairs that should have been taken care of. But asking for a large amount off the price is not as common, unless the property is obviously distressed, such as a short sale or needs extensive repairs. The most important thing is, when you find that home, the home of your dreams, act! Don’t be shy or second guess yourself. If you like it, so does someone else. Write the contract and submit it that day. If you don’t there is a good chance the home will be gone the next day or two.

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